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Platelet Rich Plasma in Lubbock, TX

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What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

regeneration, repair and healing

Our normal baseline blood platelet count is 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma that contains a highly concentrated source of platelets (at levels that are 5 to 8 times the normal baseline levels in your blood, that is 5-8 times the normal 150,000 to 450,000 range). Each of these platelets contain small granules that are packed with multiple growth factors that are essential in regeneration, repair and healing of tissues.

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How does PRP work?

healing, repair, regeneration, rejuivenation.

In order for the platelets to be effective, they need to release the granules that contain multiple growth factors. When PRP is injected into soft tissues, it forms a meshwork support system under the skin. The granules, inside the platelets, containing growth factors release the growth factors, which then stimulate several different types of cells to recruit them to the site of injection. Growth factors further lead to recruitment of stem cells to the site of injection which transform to mature cells leading to healing, repair, regeneration and rejuvenation. At Glo and Sparkle Med Spa we strive to deliver the best PRP injections Lubbock has to offer. The result is new corrective and healthy tissues at the injection site.

How is PRP prepared and obtained?

high concentration of platelets known as PRP

At Glo and Sparkle, we will start by obtaining 15-30 ml of blood from the patient. This whole blood is made of multiple different types of blood cells including red cells, white cells, platelets, all in a liquid called plasma.

Once the whole blood is drawn, we will then use a special centrifuge to spin the blood to separate the plasma rich in platelets from the rest of the blood cells like red blood cells and white blood cells. The plasma which contains the concentrated platelets at the bottom, is then removed to leave the high concentration of platelets known as PRP.

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What are the advantages of PRP?

safe, with no side effects.

PRP is derived from your own blood and used only on you. Therefore, it is all natural and safe with no side effects. No allergic reaction since it is your own blood component.

What are some of the benefits of PRP?

PRP has been shown to promote local tissues growth and repair of damaged tissues.

  1. PRP for the Face: On the face, PRP can be used on the upper/lower eye lid area, forehead, nasolabial folds, upper lips, chin, cheeks, and neck. Face PRP procedures include PRP facelift, and PRP facial with Microneedling. PRP is one of the very few effective treatments of skin around the mouth.
  2. PRP for Hair loss: PRP is particularly effective in reversing hair loss in women since hair loss in women is typically due to hormonal factors. As a result, PRP scalp injection treatments alone for women are often effective. In men however, PRP alone is not enough and often needs to be combined with other hair loss therapies like prescription medications and red LED light therapies. Your Glo and Sparkle provider will discuss this in more detail during your consultation.
  3. PRP for sexual dysfunction: PRP for male sexual rejuvenation is administered as an 2-4 injections into the tissues of the penis. After injection into the penis tissues, PRP promotes growth of new tissue. As a result, PRP has been reported to result in firmer, larger, more frequent and longer-lasting erections. This effects of PRP could help you have better erections for up to 18 months or longer.
  4. PRP female vaginal rejuvenation: The implied benefits of PRP vaginal include greater arousal from clitoral stimulation, younger, smoother skin of the vaginal lips, tighter vaginal opening, stronger and more frequent orgasms, increased sexual desire, decreased pain during intercourse and possible improved natural lubrication.
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Who is not a candidate for PRP?

we will discuss your available options

Patient who are not candidates for PRP including those with low platelet counts, infection, patient on steroid treatments, cancer patient, low blood count or patient on blood thinners. Please let us know of these conditions and we will discuss with you what other options are available for you.

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