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The Big “Oh My!”

Take your love life there with our Lubbock Orgasm Shot

What can we say about the frustration of unfulfilling sex that you haven’t already felt? Whether you used to have great sex and feel like you’ve lost it, or if you’ve never quite been able to “get there” in the moment, there’s no greater tease than getting this close to an orgasm during sex and then missing out. At Glo and Sparkle Aesthetics and Med Spa we strive to deliver the best sexual health Lubbock has to offer. Our orgasm shot uses the natural regenerative properties of your blood to increase your pleasure, decrease vaginal dryness, reduce painful intercourse, treat urinary incontinence, and help you get to that “Oh My!” place. That’s why we call it the “Oh My!” Shot.

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What is the “Oh My!” Shot?

For ohs that curl the toes

The “Oh My!” Shot injects platelet-rich plasma from your blood into your vaginal erogenous zones to increase your sexual pleasure, improve sexual wellness, treat urinary incontinence, and get you to your “Oh!” place. The treatment is all-natural and delivers high concentrations of growth factors to the areas of your vagina where you have the most nerve endings. The increase in blood and growth factors to the area increases the size and sensitivity of these zones.

What are the benefits of The “Oh My!” Shot?

Make the bedroom your happy place

For women, the three areas that receive the most stimulation during sex are the clitoris, the G-Spot, and the inner labia. Ramp up the sensitivity in those areas, and you will have more sexual pleasure, better lubrication, and an easier time reaching orgasm. The “Oh My!” Shot can also reduce instances of urinary incontinence. These benefits can have incredibly positive impacts on your daily life and your relationships.

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Am I a good candidate for an orgasm shot?

a confortable, confidential environment.

Orgasm shots cannot solve all sexual issues. However, if you’ve noticed a decrease in sexual pleasure due to recent changes to vaginal sensation related to age or childbirth, or if you have issues with not feeling pleasure during sex, the “Oh My!” Shot might be right for you. During your consultation, or sexual wellness experts will review your situation and ask you questions about your sex life in a comfortable, confidential environment. If the “Oh My!” Shot isn’t the solution for you, we will help you find it.

Your “Oh My!” Shot

Vaginal Rejuvenation

The “Oh My!” Shot uses platelet-rich plasma, the same revolutionary treatment method behind the popular PRP Facial

Our Lubbock sexual health experts draw blood and isolate platelets that contain a high concentration of growth factors. We then inject the platelet-rich plasma directly into the areas where it will be most effective (after numbing them to reduce discomfort). The process takes less than an hour, is totally natural, drug-free, and produces incredible results.

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“Oh My!” Shot Recovery

Good to “O!”

The “Oh My!” Shot is exciting, and one of the biggest reasons why is that there is little to no downtime after your treatment. You can go right back to your normal activities, including sexual activity, on the same day as your “Oh My!” Shot. Some of our Lubbock sexual health patients experience a sense of “fullness” to the vagina after the shot, and others say they feel sensitivity in the injection site, but in most cases, this goes away within a day or two of treatment.

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”Oh My!” Shot Results

The “Oh My!” that lasts

Most patients begin to notice improvements to their sex life almost immediately after treatment. However, it usually takes about three to four months for the growth factors in the platelet-rich plasma to reach their full potential. The best part about the “Oh My!” Shot is how long it lasts. A single treatment can provide noticeable improvement to sexual stimulation for between 12 to 18 months!

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Time to Get Glowing

Life is too short for bad sex. Schedule a consultation today to see how our sexual wellness experts can help you take your sex life from “ho-hum” to “Oh My!”

“Oh My!” Shot Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

We know the areas for the “Oh My!” Shot are sensitive, and we use every precaution to minimize discomfort. Most patients find the experience tolerable and are ready to resume their normal routines immediately following the procedure.

Does my insurance cover it?

The “Oh My!” Shot is an elective procedure, and insurance will not cover it.

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