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PDO Face & Neck Lift in Lubbock, TX

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Advanced Aesthetic Treatment

PDO Face & Neck Lift in Lubbock at Glo & Sparkle Med Spa

We all want to look our best as we grow older. Oftentimes people tend to look years older than they are because of the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, creases, and sagging skin.However, is surgical intervention the only option to combat these effects? With a PDO Face & Neck lift at Glo & Sparkle, you can achieve a younger and healthier appearance without enduring invasive surgery or recovering for several weeks. Our providers are committed to giving each patient the best, most compassionate, and most individualized care possible. We strive to provide the best PDO Face & Neck Lifts Lubbock has to offer. They do this by offering detailed consultations and the safest and most effective skin tightening and rejuvenation procedures. Our providers are devoted to giving every patient outstanding, compassionate, and individualized care. Learn more by scheduling a PDO Face & Neck Lift consultation today.

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A New Concept in Facial Rejuvenation

What is a PDO Face & Neck Lift?

A polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift employs a thin, biodegradable barbed thread to lift and tighten skin and soft tissue while also stimulating the skin's natural regenerative processes, including the formation of new collagen, elastin, and connective tissue.

Squinting, smiling, laughing, and frowning can cause permanent lines on the skin as the skin loses elasticity with age. Also, the ligaments of the face stretch over time and age, resulting in sagging and dropping of the cheeks, jowls, and neck skin. Loss of elasticity can result in sagging skin, especially around the eyes, cheeks, and jawline. PDO facelifts and PDO neck lifts are non-surgical procedures that uses special barbed threads to lift any sagging or drooping skin tissues and reverse the effects of ligament stretch, as well as tighten and contour the skin and facial/neck features to achieve a refreshed, younger look, or gracefully aged appearance.

Flawless Non-surgical Skincare

What are the benefits of PDO Face & Neck Lift?

In a PDO Face & Neck Lift procedure, dissolvable polydioxanone barbed threads are inserted through a small needle puncture in the areas of concern to address sagging, drooping, and laxity as well as contour the features to the desired outcome. The thread itself tightens and elevates the skin, and its presence encourages the skin's natural collagen, elastin, and connective tissue production, resulting in firmer, healthier skin.

Surgical facelifts and neck lifts are typical treatments for these signs of aging, particularly when the alterations are substantial. But not everyone desires or requires such a dramatic operation. In this case, a PDO Face & Neck Lift is typically an appropriate non-surgical alternative for patients, with significantly less downtime and faster recovery.

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Am I a good candidate for PDO Face & Neck Lift?

Embrace Your GLO!

The effects of aging are universal, and we all experience them. The PDO Face & Neck Lift is a straightforward, non-invasive surgery that can solve a number of issues. As a result, appropriate candidates can range from younger people who want to contour the facial, brow or neck features to get a certain sculpted look, to middle-aged people who are starting to develop loss of tissue under the skin with associated ligament stretch leading to mild sagging/drooping, to older (young-at-heart) people who have had moderate to significant loss of tissue and ligament stretch under the skin with significant drooping, sagging, and skin laxity.

Some of the reasons that would prevent one from getting this procedure include taking blood thinners, a high-dose steroid medication, severe skin conditions, active infections, easy bleeding tendencies, and pregnant and nursing mothers, among others. Also, if you have had a surgical procedure done on the face/neck, including a previous thread lift procedure, please ensure to mention this to your provider during consultation. The majority of patients can undergo the complete treatment in one to two hours and notice instant results. Patients often feel minor pain or discomfort and can return to their normal activities within 24 hours. During your meeting with your provider, you will receive personalized care as you collaborate with our specialists to address your unique problems and develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Your PDO Face & Neck Lift Procedure

Designed for an Individualized Approach

After a detailed consultation and assessment, our Lubbock PDO Face & Neck Lift patients may be asked to wash their face with a cleanser. You will then be seated on the procedure table and the placement points and lines for the threads are determined and marked prior to starting the procedure.

Sterile cleaning of the skin is done at the thread insertion point and these are then numbed with local anesthetic. Following the numbing, a needle puncture is made at each number spot, and threads are passed through these puncture spots under the skin along the previously marked lines and skin is massaged over the threads to engage the barbs of the threads and perform the lift and tightening. The threads are then fixed. Once all desired areas are lifted and tightened, you will be asked to look at the mirror a few times to ensure you are satisfied with the results. Any needed adjustments will be made until you and the provider are satisfied with the results.

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PDO Face & Neck Lift Recovery & Results

Natural-looking Results Without the Downtime

Typically, recovery from a PDO thread lift is straightforward and quick. The majority of patients are able to resume the majority of their everyday activities on the same week. You may have mild redness or swelling, but this can be handled with a cold compress and should subside within a few days on its own. You can alleviate your pain or discomfort using over-the-counter painkillers like acetaminophen. Pain and discomfort are usually in the first week, and we recommend taking an over-the-counter pain killer every 6 hours for the first week and then as needed thereafter. During the first four weeks of your recovery, you must refrain from engaging in any activities that place extra tension or pressure, or massage over the areas where the threads were placed.

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Avoid actions such as touching your cheeks and pursing your lips (e.g., while smoking or sipping through a straw), as well as sleeping on your face over the threads, opening the mouth too wide, aggressive chewing and vigorous exercise and sweating. During the healing process, you must also protect your skin from unnecessary sun and environmental exposure. Your specialist will offer you lifestyle-specific guidelines to expedite your recovery and help you reach the best possible outcome.

PDO Face & Neck Lift Results

achieve the excellent results

As soon as the procedure is complete, you should anticipate the effects of the thread lift. Despite slight swelling or redness, you will notice that your skin seems tighter, with less wrinkles and less drooping skin. Once your recuperation is complete, you should be able to easily observe these outcomes and how they will be long-term. Keep in mind that, due to the fact that your body is unique, so will your outcome. Preventing sun damage and keeping your skin healthy are important factors for ensuring long-term outcomes. Nonetheless, some Lubbock PDO face & neck lift patients require additional procedures to achieve excellent results. Following your doctor's aftercare instructions will offer you the best opportunity of enjoying your younger, healthier-looking skin for many years.

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Skin Tightening for Women & Men in Lubbock

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Contact Glo & Sparkle today if you are prepared to restore your younger, healthier appearance without invasive and unpleasant surgery. Our specialists will pay great attention to your issues and address all of your questions in order to establish if a PDO Face & Neck Lift treatment is appropriate for you. Then, when you call us, the highly trained staff at our cutting-edge med spa in Lubbock, Texas, will offer you the exceptional, individualized care you need. We are happy to provide you with outstanding cosmetic treatments and unmatched patient care.

PDO Face & Neck Lift Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required for the threads to settle?

In two weeks, any discomfort you experience should fade. However, the sutures may be unpleasant for up to a week after treatment. If necessary, you can take some over-the-counter medication to help with this, although most people do not need additional pain relief.

What are the risks?

Despite the fact that dangers are modest, every surgery or procedure carries some risk of complications. Potential side effects or complications include small risk of prolonged nerve pain, swelling, rippling, dimples, bruising, bleeding at the entry or exit sites, edema, asymmetry, dysesthesia, skin anomalies, thread migration or extrusion, and inflammatory reactions.

Does my insurance cover it?

Because a PDO Face & Neck Lift is a cosmetic treatment, your insurance company will not pay for it. However, Glo & Sparkle offers financing options for your convenience.

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