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PDO Nose Lift in Lubbock, TX

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Ahead of the Curve: PDO Nose Lift

PDO Nose Lift in Lubbock at Glo & Sparkle

In the past two years alone, scores of research on liquid rhinoplasty have been published in the plastic surgery literature, examining the procedure's popularity, dangers, and satisfaction rates, all of which are noteworthy. However, PDO Nose Lift is a non-surgical rhino-contouring technique that is gaining popularity. We strive to deliver the best PDO Nose Lift Lubbock has to offer. Check out our advanced approach to non-surgical nose jobs by scheduling your consultation at Glo & Sparkle Aesthetic Med Spa today.

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Non-surgical Nose Job

What is a PDO Nose Lift?

A PDO Nose Lift is a quick, non-surgical procedure where PDO threads are used to contour and reshape the appearance of the nose. The threads contain the same absorbable polymers as surgical sutures, such as polydioxanone (PDO). The PDO suture material degrades between four to eight months, depending on its thickness and attachments. Unlike rhinoplasty surgery, there is no need for general anesthesia. After numbing the nose with a local anesthetic, the threads are introduced using a cannula through a small needle puncture at the locally anesthetized site. The PDO nose lift procedure takes less than an hour to complete.

Impactful Results

What are the benefits of a PDO Nose Lift?

The number of threads and the locations of the nose where they are inserted will depend on your unique anatomy and objectives. Threads cannot affect the structure or form of the nose in order to treat whatever is bothering you effectively. A PDO Nose Lift essentially repositions and reshapes the tissues to temporarily make specific features of the nose look thinner, taller, or more upturned.

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Am I a good candidate for a PDO Nose Lift?

Millimeters of Significant Change

If our Lubbock PDO nose lift patients have reasonable expectations and their worries and desired outcome are compatible with the capabilities of the threads, the technique can produce satisfactory outcomes. Depending on the technique and kind of thread employed, thread lifts can elevate the nasal bridge, straighten and augment the nose's curve, or elevate the tip of the nose.

The effects on the appearance of your nose are subtle initially and may improve over time, with a maximum change of millimeters. However, even a few millimeters difference in bridge height or a few degrees of nose tip elevation can noticeably improve your facial symmetry.

Your PDO Nose Lift Procedure

Advanced Approaches in Lubbock

During your PDO Nose Lift, a local anesthetic is administered to numb the treated areas. Then, a needle is used to create a small skin puncture on the locally anesthetized site for thread insertion. Threads are then inserted along the premarked lines to address any issues you want to be addressed. Some threads may be placed into your nasal bridge to straighten it if this is your goal. Others may be inserted into the nasal tip to lift it or narrow the nasal opening.

The threads operate as scaffolding by utilizing little barbed structures to assist in contouring and forming the nose. The threads also stimulate the formation of new collagen and connective tissues for long-term support to the nose structure. PDO threads can be utilized to elevate the bridge of the nose, smooth nose bumps, and delicately refine the tip of the nose.

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Long-lasting Results

PDO Nose Lift Recovery & Results

Due to the minimal invasiveness of PDO threads, you can resume normal activities immediately and intense activities within two days. Bruising and swelling may occur in the first week and can last up to two weeks. Results are evident immediately after PDO placement and will improve with time as new collagen and connective tissue grow. Results are expected up to one to two years, depending on how quickly the threads are absorbed and dissolved by your body. There may be a need for touch-ups to preserve optimal results.

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Let Us Make a Difference

Schedule your Lubbock PDO Nose Lift consultation at Glo & Sparkle today

The Thread Lift specialists in Lubbock at Glo & Sparkle are facial anatomy experts who produce the most natural-looking outcomes. With a PDO Nose Lift, they can elevate the bridge of the nose, smooth away irregularities on the nose, and subtly enhance the tip of your nose without the risks and recovery time associated with a traditional rhinoplasty. Schedule a consultation to discover more about the lunchtime nose job—PDO Nose Lift and whether or not it is the right treatment for you.

PDO Nose Lift Frequently Asked Questions

You will feel a pinch and slight stinging when the local anesthetic is injected, but during your treatment, you will not be in any pain or discomfort. After treatment, your nose may feel tight and experience some discomfort for a few days as you recover.

Possible adverse reactions and problems range from common bruising, discomfort, and swelling to infection, nodule formation, skin dimples, thread buckling, and extrusion (sutures poking through the skin). As PDO is a foreign substance, inflammation and allergic reactions are also possible.

The PDO NOSE LIFT may be a viable non-surgical solution for individuals desiring a slight enhancement of the nose's height, projection, or contour. Although less invasive, the technique might cost between $700 and $2000. Learn more today by scheduling your PDO Nose Lift consultation at Glo & Sparkle.

Medical insurance does not cover the cost of a PDO Nose Lift because it is considered a cosmetic treatment. However, Glo & Sparkle does offer payment and financing options for your convenience.

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