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PDO Brow Lift in Lubbock, TX

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Raising the Bar to Looking Younger

PDO Brow Lift in Lubbock at Glo & Sparkle

Thread Lifting is a non-surgical skin lifting method that uses threads, (which are similar to surgical suture used in regular surgery in hospitals) to lift and suspend loose skin and soft tissue. Instead of invasive surgery that permanently removes the loose skin or a surgical facelift with associated prolonged recovery, the PDO threads offer a less invasive, effective alternative to addressing sagging tissues due to stretched ligaments and connective tissue in the face, neck, and other parts of the body. PDO threads are manufactured from Polydioxanone (PDO), a medical-grade substance composed of harmless protein weaved throughout your facial tissues to raise the face, neck, and contours of your brows. We strive to deliver the best PDO Brow Lifts Lubbock has to offer. Sagging skin can be lifted without surgery; learn more by scheduling your consultation in Lubbock at Glo & Sparkle today.

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Elevate Your Look

What is a PDO Brow Lift?

A PDO brow lift is a procedure where barbed PDO threads are used to lift the brows in order to address any drooping and hooding of the eyebrows. This procedure can also achieve a desired eyebrow look, like the fox eye. PDO threads can be smooth (for stimulation of the formation of new collagen and connective tissue) or barbed (for the lifting of sagging soft tissue as well as stimulating the formation of new collagen, elastin, and connective tissue). They also increase elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are necessary for firm, youthful-looking skin, with fewer fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging. PDO threads at Glo & Sparkle can elevate your skin for up to two years, reversing common signs of aging on your face, brows, jawline, and neck. The collagen and elastin growth benefit delivers results for up to three years.

Non-Surgical Brow Lift

What are the benefits of a PDO Brow Lift?

The PDO Brow Lift is ideal for raising sagging facial skin, especially around the eyebrows. As a non-surgical procedure, our Lubbock PDO Brow Lift patients can achieve desired results for their brows with minimal to not pain, minimal to no downtime, and patients frequently resume their normal activities soon following treatment.

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Your PDO Brow Lift Procedure

Eliminate Sagging Brows

Before your PDO Brow Lift, your aesthetic professional will do a detailed consultation and assessment to determine your desires and goals with your brow. If you decide to proceed with the procedure, local aesthetic is used to numb the thread placement sites, which are small needle skin puncture sites. The local anesthetic is used to ensure that you do NOT experience any discomfort at the thread insertion sites. Your skilled provider then uses a needle to create an opening on the skin at the numbed site to make an entry point for the thread. The PDO threads are inserted into the tissues under the skin. This usually feels like a pressure or push sensation. Your provider then massages your skin over them to engage them, adjusts their location and lift to achieve the desired lift and contouring, and then fixes them in place. The duration of the process is roughly one to two hours.

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PDO Brow Lift Recovery & Results

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Few restrictions exist on the day of therapy. As necessary, you may use Tylenol and arnica to alleviate any lingering post-treatment discomfort or bruising, respectively.

Initially, it is better to sleep with your head slightly elevated and to avoid any pressure or massage over the threads and to keep the area lifted. In the days following your treatment, our Lubbock PDO brow lift patients should avoid rubbing the treated region, exercising, consuming alcohol, using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and taking vitamin E. Avoid excessive facial movement and chewing after installing facial threads in the midface. After a Thread Lift, bruising, swelling, pain, tightness, and early redness are usual. Everyone recovers at a unique rate. The majority of treatment-related adverse effects disappear within two to four weeks. Thread Lifting outcomes often last between one and three years. Individual outcomes can vary. If you have any questions, please contact the office. You will be required to return for a follow-up appointment to guarantee proper recovery. The threads will dissolve with time, so there is no need to remove them. However, while they are there, they stimulate formation of new collagen and connective tissue around them, and this new tissue maintains the lift and results for up to two years.

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Look Your Best with a PDO Thread Lift

Schedule your Lubbock PDO Brow Lift consultation at Glo & Sparkle today

Glo & Sparkle's Thread Lift professionals in Lubbock are facial anatomy experts that deliver the most natural-looking brow lift results imaginable. With a PDO Brow Lift, they can reverse the effects of aging and poorly defined facial features and sagging skin, without the dangers and recovery time associated with typical facelift or neck lift surgery. Schedule an appointment for PDO Brow Lift for a more youthful appearance.

PDO Brow Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

Your provider will inject a local anesthetic so you will be quite comfortable throughout your treatment. Rarely, mild discomfort may be experienced during the procedure. We provide an optional laughing gas (Nitrous oxide) for additional comfort and anxiety relief during the procedure for a small additional fee. After your procedure, you may need over-the-counter medication for any lingering discomfort.

Is a PDO Brow Lift safe for pregnant or nursing women?

PDO Thread Lifting cannot be performed if you are pregnant or nursing. Although the threads themselves are safe for mother and child, the treatment requires a local anesthetic that should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding. To assist you in reversing symptoms of aging and enhancing your radiance on this momentous occasion, talk to your specialist about various rejuvenation treatments that are safe during your pregnancy or while nursing.

How much does a PDO Brow Lift cost in Lubbock?

The cost of a PDO Brow Lift depends on your specific aging concerns and the amount of correction necessary to accomplish your desired aesthetic goals. In many instances, your outcomes are comparable to those of cosmetic surgery at a fraction of the price. Many individuals may prefer to combine Thread Lift treatments with additional anti-aging therapies (such as sun damage, age spots, dullness, or poor skin texture). This impacts the service's final pricing. Thread Lifting combines well with numerous other anti-aging techniques!

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This thorough consultation will give you accurate information and “before-photos” to develop your aesthetic plan and follow-up “after-photos” to help you get precise information and visual data to track your progress along your aesthetic journey!

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